kianaaaaa (kianaaaaa) wrote in faeriecourt,

"TITHE"-inspired RPG!

Hello there!

I've been a fan of "TITHE" for a while and was searching for an RPG that had to do with faeries in a present-day setting, but I came up with zilch. So... I just made my own! x3. Like, last week. So it's brand new. But we already have active members. The plot is heavily inspired by "VALIANT", in terms of it taking place in New York City where exiled fey are banished, but the general plot is inspired by the "TITHE" and "BORDERTOWN" books in general. You can play either as a faerie or a human in New York, and if I do say so myself, it's pretty spiffy. The board is hosted by, and here is the LINK!

Please check it out! :D
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