M. (kuukiventomu) wrote in faeriecourt,

Fairy books?

I'd love to hear some recommendations for wonderful fairy books.. novels, fiction, art books.. anything goes as long as it's enchanting, beautiful and has the wonderful atmosphere of the fae folks in it..especially the darker, earthy sort of faeries. I like flower fairies too but I'm more interested in other kind of wee folks.. And I love faerie romance..

My favourites are:
Holly Black's Tithe, Valiant & Ironside
books by Charles de Lint
Terri Windling's Wood Wife
anything by Brian or Wendy Froud <3
Marcia Zina Mager's Believing in fairies
Suza Scalora's faerie photograph books
Cassandra Eason's Fairies & Magical Beings
Gossamer Penwyche's The World of Fairies
DC Comics Books of Faerie

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